Below is the main range to date - although there are variations and some
further models available, so please ask........

D50 5.0m Estuary Sports Fisherman
R58 5.8m Runabout
D60 6.0m Dory
VC61 6.1m V-Nose Sports Fisher
C61 6.1m Cuddy Cab
C68 6.8m Cuddy Cab
JC74 7.4m diesel/jet Centre Console
C74 7.4m Cabin Cruiser


Bruyn Design’s CAMcraft trailerboat kitset designs are a range of smaller (5m to 9m) vessels with proven high performing hulls and restrained, timeless styling.

They are designed to commercial USL and appropriate Australian Standards in a way that results in an exceptionally solid boat that is the easiest “developable” plate build in the market. All parts are nested for NC cutting including the folded fuel tanks with doublers and all brackets and gussets. Sold as a modest design and NC code royalty, the builder buys the material from our complete Bill of Materials to his account. This approach saves thousands compared to our competitors’ “kits” as there is no mark up on material or processing.



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